Don’t be a “Yes Man”: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Move Operations Forward

Many point their finger at people when operations go awry, believing that staffing is the issue. It's not a personnel problem; it's a systems and processes problem. And it started with sacrificing long-term operational success in favor of short-term progress.
Jeremiah and his counterparts Patricia Foss-Bennie (CMP, director, conferences and publications at Municipal Maryland League) and Becky Fowkes (Director, meetings & events, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)) discuss their experiences in managing crises, the pitfalls and lessons learned.
When it comes to tackling enterprise-level operations and events, even one small mistake can be costly. Costly in terms of money, yes, but also time, resources, and reputation. The biggest mistake of all? Failing to address possible mistakes in the first place.