Brief Overview

What we do: Our process is unique. We will turn ideas on their head in an effort to solve problems in an actionable way that defies other traditional methods that take up precious time and resources. Where others are complex and inefficient, we bring clarity and efficiency. No challenge is too big. In fact, the bigger the challenge, the better. We thrive on bringing expertise and clarity to confusion and dysfunction, questioning the existing conditions in which current problems thrive.

At Showpiece Solutions, we are not afraid of failure; rather, we’ll embrace it as an integral part of the process. Identifying failures, using unconventional methods and arriving at unique solutions are what makes Showpiece Solutions an unconventional orchestrator of encore results.


You might be wondering


A better question is “What doesn’t an UnConsultant do?”


Our team at Showpiece Solutions uses data to inform decisions, ensuring impressive results through attention to detail. We insist on engaging with problems head on, ensuring the problems solved are the right ones.


We listen well, we ask the tough questions, we find the right approach.


Clear. Most people know what they don’t want. We can help you break through the chaos and find clarity.


Bold. We’ll say what others are afraid to say. You’ll find us tastefully and refreshingly bold.


Unique. We stand out in a crowded and saturated industry,daring to take the path less traveled and executing a different approach – anchored in trust.


Compelling. We embrace fear and chaos, delivering confidence and inspiration to tackle the real issues and orchestrate encore results.