Super Bowl XLVI: Spearheading the first Super Bowl Village

Each respective Super Bowl typically takes approximately four years to plan. In November 2010 Jeremiah Shirk was hired with just 14 months left to plan and coordinate transportation and parking for the first Super Bowl Village.

Stormwater Creation Project – Peoria, Illinois

In June 2016, Mayor Jim Ardis stated that the city’s combined sewer overflow was the biggest problem the city has ever faced. We got ahead of the decree by three years, empowering Mayor Ardis to take matters into his own hands and do what was best for his city.

58th Presidential Inaugural Committee

I was given 45-days to plan and execute event logistics for 21 separate events, all taking place across 8-days, for over half-a-million people in one city. Asking the right questions to orchestrate encore results would be essential.