What is Showpiece Solutions? Breaking it down, and breaking the status quo

What’s the deal with consultants?

These people come into your business, poke around, and undermine your tenured staff’s way of doing things. They hand you a lengthy report of everything you’re doing wrong and how to fix it, usually from a standardized playbook that they rehash time after time, void of any practical takeaways but rather ripe with theories and jargon.

Then they’re on their merry way on to the next business, leaving you to wonder how to move forward in a way that will deliver lasting results.

It’s no wonder consultants have a bad rap.

Traditional consulting has become a machine, where the primary goal is to turn over business instead of coming up with strategic, unconventional, and unique-to-you approaches.

The hope for many consultants walking into a business is to be met with minimal chaos so that these one-size-fits-all solutions can be neatly applied across the board.

But not us.

When it comes to Showpiece Solutions clients, the more obscure, the more complicated, and the greater the need for disruptive, bold, and outside-of-the-box ideas, the better.

This is why I call my role at Showpiece Solutions The UnConsultant.

And that’s why we can proudly share stories about pulling off the impossible for some of the world’s most noteworthy events (like the Superbowl), household names (hi, Taylor Swift, let’s chat), and improving communities and municipalities.

Most traditional consultants think they save time and resources by keeping an even-keeled approach to their methodology and solutions. Often, they provide a band-aid for bad business practices, and nothing gets off the ground. If it does, it either comes with a host of issues or, at best, something that leaves much to be desired.

They’re one-hit wonders, whereas we orchestrate encore results.

Showpiece Solutions is about creating impact because impact leaves a legacy. How do we do it? We boil it down to a few things that differentiate us from other consulting firms.

Innovative thinking. We come into each project with fresh eyes and an audit catered to your operation to identify and address its unique challenges.

Direct collaboration. Our work requires getting involved with people from top to bottom. We work directly with CEOs and Municipal Leaders to tackle the core of an organization’s needs and understand existing strategies, as well as ops/logistics teams and enterprise event planners to build and execute the vision.

A holistic mindset. Solving complex projects requires examining an organization as one unit with many working parts. We make total systems work by taking the right actions at the right time with the right people for the right goals and unifying business functions.

Clear communication (aka no BS). We cut through confusion. We’ve often been told our bold and no-fluff approach to consulting is a refreshing change. You bring us on to solve problems, and that’s what we do. Plain and simple.

We make it fun. Our greatest strength might be the ability to laugh amid the madness and complexity of the most demanding tasks. Why? Because at the end of the day, we know we’ll execute something incredible, and it’ll be all the more rewarding having overcome what had felt daunting.

Instead of meeting challenges with resistance, we face them head-on with grace, calm, and a bullish attitude where nothing will get in our way.

That’s how a project or operation becomes a Showpiece.

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